Mekong delta cruises

Mekong Delta is full of cannels, rivers that connect together running to estuaries. Boat is means to live in this delta, and also the best way to explore deeply its’ beauty & culture. Nothing greater than cruise in Mekong Delta to experience the timeless sceneries and joining with friendly people. See more Mekong tours.

Mekong Delta cruise will take you through encounter tiny villages, bamboo-stilt houses, colorful floating markets, farmers at work, amazing fields and smiling children.
Take a look at suggested Mekong delta cruise routes and start exploring one the most mysterious rivers of the world – the great Mekong!

The speed boat information:

There are totally 9 speed boats with capacity from 16 to 45 people, including 30 Kg of luggage per passenger. All boats are equipped with bathroom, life jacket, comfortable seats inside/outside area. Tea break & meal break are available on boats upon request.

Boat description:

Boat sign Engine capacityWidthLengthSpeedCapacity

370 HP CAT – US

2.4 meters

8.7 meters


16 seats inside


420 HP – ISUZU

3.00 meters

12.8 meters


26 inside + 8 outside


450 HP Hino Yamaha

2.80 meters

12.2 meters


24 inside + 10 outside


520 HP Hino Yamaha

3.03 meters

16.6 meters


36 inside + 10 outside


350 HP Hino Yamaha

2.4 meters

10.7 meters


18 inside + 6 outside


350 HP Hino Yamaha

2.4 meters

10.7 meters


18 inside + 6 outside


260 HP – ISUZU

3.2 meters

11.7 meters


14 seats inside


500 HP Hino Yamaha

3.5 meters

16 meters


36 inside + 10 outside

The charter rates:  

There are no SIC (Seat in Coach) rates for Mekong cruise but private (charter) rates only. The routes listed as recommendation, we are please to modify the route upon requests for specific purposes.

Rates in US ( per person)

Routes DayKmDuration

2 pax

3-4 pax5-7 pax8-10 pax11-12 pax

Saigon – Can Tho

1way1965 hour2831881238365

Saigon – Can Tho - Saigon

2days39210 hour38325516711589

Saigon – Chau Doc

1way2676 hour33922615210584

Saigon – Chau Doc - SGN

2days53412 hour440293197136109

Saigon – Can Tho – Chau Doc

2days3087.5 hour445297199138114

Saigon – Ben Tre – My Tho - SGN

1day2446 hour2431621097560

SGN – My Tho – Vinh Long – SGN

1day2867 hour2841891398770

Saigon – My Tho - SGN

1day1724.3 hour199133896248

Can Tho – Chau Doc

1way1132.5 hour193128876257

Can Tho – Chau Doc – Can Tho

1day2265 hour212140966763

Vinh Long – Chau Doc

1way1403 hour216145986662

Ha Tien – Chau Doc

1way1453.5 hour2701801208277

My Tho – Vinh Long

1way602 hour14597674542

My Tho – Can Tho

1way1202.5 hour215143956458


  • The prices above included: Private speed boat; VAT; Insurance; Service charge; Mineral water & Tissue
  • The prices are applied for per person/group.
  • Detail itinerary of boat speed will be sent as confirmation booking
  • The price can be changed without notices
  • For further detail & assistance, please contact us at: